Saturday, April 19, 2014

Qapla! Klingon for Success.

Qapla is the Klingon word meaning success! Its often used in conversation when bidding someone farewell. Some useful examples are from Star Trek III: Search for Spock and TNG's Sins of the Father and Aquiel episodes.

Sins of the father was Worfs story and a relaunch of the Klingon Mythos. The Klingon Dictionary is the Official Guide to Klingon words and phrases which explains how the grammar works for all you aspiring Klingons!

 In an interesting twist, STNG Klingon General Martok was elected to office last Novmber for New York's state elections.

Do you want to go targ hunting with Martok? Perhaps you think like a Klingon or speak the lingo?

Well then trekker your all set for a rach time! Qapla!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cable Guy Star Trek Battle

Remember Kirk and Spock's duel in Star Trek's classic episode of Amok Time? Well, here's Jim Carey's skit of trek's famous fight to the death scrap. It's an epic "Cable Guy" parody really. When you play the clip you'll see the master of crazy comedy lampooning around as Chip with a terrified Kovac slugging it out in the arena. Listen out for Carey's improvised "Star Trek" sound effects which are a total hoot.

"All right you want to play rough? Daddy can play rough." Da-na, na, na, na, na, naaa, na-naa, na, na.

"Like when Spock had to play Kirk on Star Trek, best friends forced to do battle." - Cable Guy.

"Chip this isn't funny, will you stop it!!"

"The name is Spock, if we don't battle to the death, they will kill us both." - Cable Guy.

 "This isn't Star Trek" yells Kovac.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q the Omnipotent

O is for Omnipotent! Lets not forget Q, the omnipotent alien entity from the Q continuum who plagues Captain Picards with relish. Q loves troubling the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D with his strange sense of humor and jokes, often causing the crew harm in the process. Q appears in lots of Star Trek TNG, Voyager and DS9 episodes.

Apparently, he has a vague passing regard in humans stating quite openly that he's a Klingon at heart gifted with an I.Q. of 2005. On the face of it, Q is a constant thorn in Picard's side who appears out of no-where from another dimension. Why shouldn't Captain Picard flip out when his 'Omnipotence' pushes his buttons?

Q: "What must I do to convince you people?"

Worf: "DIE."

Q: "O very good Worf, eat any good books lately?"

Picard: "Fine, you want to be treated as human?"

Q: "Absolutely."

Picard: "All right. Mister Worf, throw him in the brig."

Worf: "Delighted, Captain."

Q: "You can't do this to me, Jean-Luc."

 Worf: "You will walk or I will carry you!

Q: "Given the option, I'll...I'll walk."

 Whats the name of the episode Q loses his powers in? Did you enjoy watching Worf throw Q in the brig? Do you really reckon Worf eats books?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Natasha Yar in Naked Now

N is for Naked. In Star Trek TNG's "Naked Now" the USS Enterprise-D crew get infected with a virus from another ship, the Tsiolkovsky. The fun begins when everyone loses their inhibitions, acting real weird when they return from an away mission.

Security Officer, Natash Yar is a real stunner all dolled up and a sight for sore eyes. She sets her sights on Data, seducing the android, adding him to her list of conquests. With a mischievous expression on her face, she corners Data and their eyes light up. The android is baffled but can't help resisting Tasha's advances towards him. Security Officer Tasha is in complete control of the situation.

" Data, You are fully functional aren't you ?"
" I am functional" replies Data
" HOW fully functional ?" demands Yar, smiling eagerly like a hungry little cougar.
" In every way!, I am programmed in multiple techniques." responds Data "
You little Jewel" responds an ecstatic Tasha leading the smiling android away to an adjoining bedroom.

Lucky day for Data? A bird wearing a Starfleet shirt with insignia appears on a computer screen. Could this be the Great Bird of the Galaxy?

Dream Long and prosper, trekkers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mind altering Star Trek TOS Bloopers

M is for Makeup Meltdown. William Shatner spent 3 hours in the chair prepping for Star Trek's classic 'Deadly Years.' One day after suffering the exhausting 'aging' makeup process, Shatner arrived at Paramount's Star Trek production set which was closing down. Frustrated heres what he said:

'Bob Justman, I'm going home now. after spending three hours putting this f****** makeup back on.....and its your fault!

Have you seen treks original blooper reel outakes? How would you have reacted? Whos your favorite alien sci-fi creature?

Jump to 3.54 for Shatners reaction.

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